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FAQ | ChecksNextDay


Let us answer your questions...

How long can I expect to receive my checks +

Unless noted online, your supplies are guaranteed next day! Once your order is placed, we get the ball rolling. Our speedy systems move your product out the doors as quickly as possible, ensuring delivery within 24 hours.

NOTE: All orders placed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, legal holidays or after 4:00pm will be processed and shipped on Monday or ASAP.

Can I print checks with my own logo? +

Yes, and free of charge! The quality of your printed logo will depend on the original artwork you submit online. It is important that the artwork be sharp, preferably in black ink on a white background, and saved as a BMP or JPG file type. Attach the file in an email and send it to us at [email protected] with your order number in the subject line.

While color logos are available for standard checks, we are unable to process and send them overnight.

Do you provide samples of checks prior to fulfillment? +

Unfortunately, we do not offer automatic previews due to the speedy nature of our turnaround. However, when placing your order, write us a note in the comment section requesting to see your ‘proof’ prior to shipment. Then, we will process your order as soon as you approve the design.

NOTE: When we email samples for approval, this may delay processing time. Don’t forget to approve right away to ensure your shipping deadline is met. Checks Next Day does not assume responsibility for delays due to unapproved or rejected proofs.

How do I know my routing #, MICR #, Account #, etc.? +

Please consult the helpful diagram below to locate your information.

Do you take orders by phone or email? +

No, we do not. To guarantee swift processing and shipment, all orders must be placed online via our simple form. If you are having trouble navigating our site, feel free to contact us during customer service hours, and a helpful rep will walk you through the process via phone.

What is the difference between 1 check per page and 3 checks per page? +

Business customers with payroll and accounts payable typically use the 1-per-page style. This includes check on top, check in middle or check on bottom, depending on the specific software you use.

Home users generally use the 3-per-page style, which cuts paper waste and is more efficient when you’re writing checks in bulk.

Can I still get my order tomorrow if it’s after 3:00pm or on Friday? +

This might be possible for an additional fee. Just call us to find out!

Do checks have security features? +

Yes, absolutely. For a complete list of advanced features, visit Security Features.

Are other custom features available? +

In addition to the custom details you select via our online form, other features include an optional second signature line, an optional line of text (such as a company name), or lines on the check for hand-written text.

You can also order checks with ‘reverse numbering sequence.’ You need reverse orientation if you feed your checks facedown and the printer takes the top check first. See the diagram below.

Do I need to fax or mail a voided check? +

In most cases, no. If this is necessary, we will contact you right away.

How can I make sure my new checks match my bank’s specifications? +

You can email your specs to [email protected]. Put your order number in the subject line; once your order is ready for process, we will set up your checks accordingly.

Can you send me physical samples of checks? +

Yes, of course. Please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist. Again, this will delay processing and shipment depending on the speed of your approval.

What payment methods do you accept? +

Checks Next Day accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

Do you charge sales tax? +

Sales tax is only collected if you are ordering in the state of New York. If you are tax exempt, email your form to [email protected] after your order is submitted. Put your order number in the subject line, and we’ll take care of it.